Welcome to bellystuffed! a bunch of comics here, ive been posting my latest vore stuff on my blog so check thru there.


Flick The Abdominal Avenger strikes again, for justice!
Hawk and Atlanta Hawk wants to be close, real close. A mini breast vore comic.
Big Time Izzies swimming coach thinks shes ready for the big time.
Osha dreams of kittie mamas and mousey boys...
Gryphons 'wonder whats for dinner' Snakey likes to play with his food...
Midnight at the Gaping Maw 'kaz, you need to loosen up!' Shasta sets the draggie up something tasty.
The Wedding Plan 'it's just CAKE!' the twins arent going to put up with their mothers wedding plans, no sir!
Missing Out Mikey cant help feeling he is missing out on something special.
sexy rat lady 2: Last snatch on the road to eternity!
oh BUNNIEEE! Onigrift is delivering presents and all the kitty girls are happy to see him, of course they are!
The Big Event Kendra Byte goes all out... for charity!
University of Poo warning: It is what it says and it says what it is, a girl gets a lil revenge.
The Sommoning Meet the lagamorphs, filling tummies is just what they do!
The Picnic The Nymph has been waiting for you...
revenge of the Dragon Lord Shasta introduces Kazul the dragon to show business, and bunnies!
Garbage Maid meet the future of trash disposal...
Fishy Tails Shasta meets up with Bittersweet the orca girl... Orca, dont go calling her a fish!
Burger story Bobbies job assa big mac gets him in deep, inna burger hungry girls tummy!
Hungry pup Gator girl gets her claws onna cute pup... Gator girl loves pups!
The Report Mikey and his mousey friend need to write a report for school... on a subject Shasta is an EXPERT in!
A Sexy Rat Ladies Tale heaven ANYTHING is possible... especially unbirthing.
Millie the Soda Kitty Its Millies first day... and shes sitting across from the soda machine!
Stop and Gulp Karen spends an unexpected evening locked in at the stop and gulp... and shes hungry!
Things to do on a Tuesday afternoon With xtra big boobs and bellies that is.
the House Lulu, the plumpest woman in town is gone, but her spirit lives on.. and has a fondness for food.
Out Teh Butt![36] Shasta, kitty and Gator girl make some PORN! [and.. poop]
Mikeys Mom 'i dont care.. my mom has bigger teeth.. then you'll EVER have!'
A little Lunch Mathilda has a little lunch, or rather.. gorges on a massive scale.
Zero and Lisa he's a demon, shes sure of it, and she has her ways of proving it.
The big Contest 'what kind of contest? who cares, look at the first prize!'
The Treatment Krissy the Kitty gets the treatment from a helpfull lactating bovine.
Mash up! Its a Guilty Ge@r, cosplay hardcore Vore mashup! everybody eats everybody![f/f/f]
Snake[Dice] Snake swallows Dice, after recieving a good yiffing in proper snakey style. a lil mouse boy.[m/m]
Gulp! 'i have bad news James' ...Laura gulps james, in three easy pages. [f/m]
Kittygirl deluxe! some unbirthing fun with kitty girls... [f/m]
Mikey the Mouse 'oh dont worry, I'll take GOOD care of him' ...Shasta adopts a lil mouse boy.
The Ballad of Mary Jean ...Mary is told not to eat people but she can't seem to stop.
Shastas BACK! ready t do the nast-TAY on Kal the mousey [warning:she goes all the way]
Tasty Pet ...a certain dragon can't resist taking advantage offa certain raptoress...
Kitty 'do i get to take my clothes off now?!' kitty issa awfull eager to get started.
Gator Girl 'cant a girl sun herself in the nude without getting gawked at?'
Jungle Queen 'do ..Jaqueline learns about tribute day.
Bunnies 'do ..a couple of bunny girls raid the garden!
Katie 'do Superpreggers, Katie gets knocked up!